Ten Virtues and Eight Precepts

The VIRTUES dictate how a person (or any beings for that matter) acts, behaves and treats others in society, and those around us.


  1. Filial Piety                   孝
  • The bounties bestowed by parents are as great as the mountain. We should therefore take care of them day and night. And the most important thing of all is to make them happy.
  1. Brotherly Love         悌
  • Brothers and sisters should live in harmony. They should always consult each other and also encourage each other, and we also must treat our friends and relatives like our own brothers.
  1. Loyalty                          忠
  • We should love our people and our country. We must be conscientious in performing our duties. Let us build a strong and prosperous nation.
  1. Sincerity                      信
  • Deal with others with sincerity. What has been promised must always be kept. A promise is worth a thousand pieces of gold.
  1. Courtesy                     礼
  • Protecting the young and respecting the aged in an expression of courtesy. Be humble and respectful. Courtesy will please everybody.
  1. Justice                          義
  • Fairness and unselfishness are important. Help those in need ; be generous in charity. Don’t be arrogant; don’t flatter those in authority; but just follow the truth.
  1. Honesty                      廉
  • Everyone should keep his heart pure, untarnished by material desire. Be pure; live a simple and pure life. Be satisfied with what we have and be as happy as immortals.
  1. Sense of Honor/Shame       耻
  • Don’t be tempted by wealth and sex. Understand what is right and what is wrong. A gentlemen will never feel ashamed to correct his mistake.
  1. Humanity                   仁
  • Respect the aged and be generous to the poor. Be careful of gifts from nature and always follow the  path humanity. Benevolence and universal love will always benefit the people.
  1. Wisdom                      智
  • Be interested in the current affairs and try to enrich your knowledge. Differentiate what is good and what is evil. Preach our doctrine to awaken the people so that there will be peace in this world.

The PRECEPTS act as rules used to govern and discipline ourselves and our actions towards others.

  1. Do Not Cheat                             不欺
  2. Do Not Be Untruthful           不伪
  3. Do Not Be Greedy                  不贪
  4. Do Not Be Unreasonable   不妄
  5. Do Not Be Arrogant              不骄
  6. Do Not Be Lazy                        不怠
  7. Do Not Hate Others             不怨
  8. Do Not Be Resentful            不恶