Our History

Zee Cheng Khor Moral Uplifting Society Inc (ZCK) in Melbourne was founded in 2002 by Chee Chin Khor from Thailand and Chee Yang Khor from Alor Setar, Malaysia. Committee members have been managing ZCK for years, with the support of Moral Uplifting Societies from overseas and volunteers in Melbourne.

In Australia, the Moral Uplifting Societies include Zee Cheng Khor (紫成阁) in Melbourne , Chee Seng Khor (紫乘阁) in Sydney, Zee Perth Khor (紫柏阁) in Perth, Gee Yeung Khor (紫洋阁) in Canberra, as well as Gee Ren Khor (濟仁閣) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Moral Uplifting Societies are branches of the worldwide De Jiao Hui (德教会) movement. De Jiao Hui first started in China in year 1931, and was later introduced in Hong Kong in 1946, followed by Thailand in 1947, Sinagpore and Malaysia in 1952 and can now be found in Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia, India and France.