Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Moral Uplifting Society a Religion?
Fundamentally speaking, Moral Uplifting Society is not a religion, as the society’s core values are the Ten Virtues (十章) and the Eight Precepts (八则) and not so much so, the traditional rituals that are performed, the recitation of mantras, the paying of respect to our ancestors and divine teachers. However, the Moral Uplifting Society has been established for many numbers of years, and as such many traditional rituals, processes and procedures are still maintained and will continue to remain so in years to come.

What is the Moral Uplifting Society trying to achieve?
World Peace and Harmony by educating people in the ways of morality (Ten Virtues (十章) and the Eight Precepts (八则)).

As the old Chinese saying goes: ‘At the beginning of humankind, the character was originally good natured, the characters (of all individuals) were similar, (however) differences emerged due to (the individual’s) habits and environments’.

The origins of human kind, the ‘pure form’ of humans, is what the core values of moral society (Morality = Ten Virtues (十章) and the Eight Precepts (八则)) aims to achieve, by educating everyone in the way of ‘Morality’, and allowing them to walk the moral path, thus bringing (the human character) back to its original, pure and good natured form, which in turn will naturally bring about world peace and harmony.

How can ‘World Peace and Harmony’ be achieved by a ‘Pure and good natured Moral individual’?
A pure and good natured moral individual is someone whom ‘ticks all the boxes’ of the Ten Virtues (十章) and the Eight Precepts (八则) in every action that they do.

Why are there so much wars, pain and suffering in this world? Because of an individual’s (or a group of individuals) Greed, Arrogance, Hatred and Resentment of others, which are in contravention of the third, fifth, seventh and eight precept respectively.

So, ask yourselves: How many ‘boxes do you tick’ from the Ten Virtues (十章) and the Eight Precepts (八则) in everything that you do?